Armada Commander

Armada Commander is a fusion of space strategy with elements of tower defense, where players deploy & command their Emperial fleet to engage with enemies in epic space battles for the liberation of Omegus Galaxy !


Armada Commander offers an exciting blend of real time ship building, fleet management and battles with 12 different alien races over 32 different sectors of the Omegus Galaxy. You will have to strategically build and deploy Emperial fleet continuously to counter multiple waves of hostile forces in each sector. Hyperjump to hostile sectors and complete missions like destroy space jump inhibitors, capture space canons or salvage lost command stations to lead your forces to victory.


Game Features :-


  • 12 different space environments to explore with vivid backgrounds.
  • More than 150 different enemy ships ranging from battleships to assault fighters.
  • Real-time ship production with Manual/AI controlled targeting mechanism.
  • Variety of weapon systems including bullets, plasma, missile and laser canons.
  • Hours of game play with each sector having 8-9 enemy waves to challenge your skills.
  • 4 different graphics preset to support multiple devices.
  • Leader-boards and achievements to compete with players globally.

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