Based in Delhi,India

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August 23rd, 2017 (IOS)


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BrainGearGames is an independent game development studio, founded by Dhruv Sharma in 2015 at Delhi India , with a goal to create innovative , challenging and stunning games for mobile devices.


With a goal to create epic scale space game, Armada commander development started in mid-2014.We wanted to create a game which can provide exciting blend of ship building, fleet management so that players can devise attack strategies for different wave of enemy ships. Three years after being in production, BrainGearGames is excited to deliver a game having unique fusion of space strategy with elements of tower defense, which can be enjoyed for hours.



Armada Commander is a fusion of space strategy with elements of tower defense, where players deploy & command their Emperial fleet to engage with enemies in epic space battles for the liberation of Omegus Galaxy !

Omegus galaxy was invaded by Wakkuks lead hostile forces who defeated all the Emperial forces. They seized the command stations and different sectors of the Omegas galaxy, using them as a base to invade other Emperial colonies. You have to lead the Emperial forces to liberate the Omegus galaxy from all the adversaries and annul further invasion of Emperial colonies.

Game Features

  • Vivid Space Backgrounds:- Explore 12 different scenic space environments, having stunning details across 32 sectors of Omegus Galaxy.

  • Diverse hostile forces:- Game's 12 different alien hostile races have more than 150 different ships comprising capital-ships, battleships, destroyers and assault fighters.

  • Immersive Gameplay:- Game offers real-time ship production with AI or player controlled  targeting mechanism. Spaceships have variety of weapon systems like bullets, plasma guns, missile or laser canons. Players can enjoy hours of game play with each sector having 8-9 enemy waves to challenge their skills.

  • Challenging Missions:- Each sector present challenging missions to player like destroying hyper-jump inhibitors for fleet advancement , capture of space canons to aid the Emperial forces or salvage the lost command stations to retake Omegus galaxy.

  • Different graphics preset to support multiple devices.


License Information

All these graphics are created or licensed by braingeargames. These can only be used in articles , blog , reviews,videos or other editorials means meant for Armada Commander only.


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